Business Start-up

Formation of Legal Entity

Forming a business as a legal entity is a smart move, but the possibilities are nearly endless. We take a look at the various legal entities, from sole proprietorships to corporations, and help you choose the best form of legal entity for your business.

When owners are setting up a business or restructuring, there is a lot to think about. Although the substance of the business is probably the most interesting and compelling to think about, owners can’t afford to skip over giving proper attention to the formation of the business entity. Determining which structure is most suitable and then ensuring that the entity is set up correctly is the first step toward running a successful business.

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Legal Drafting

Legal drafting has improved and ripened as Legal literature at present. Legal drafting is a task of preparing a transaction that involves the mental exercise of thinking searching or even inventing or coining new words in a legal language, which is not done in the literary works in the ordinary usage. It is in substance underlining strategies for representing a client in a transaction, the capacity in negotiating and successfully closing a transaction.

Legal writing binds the client and shuts the mouth of the author from going back from his writing. It is a legal commitment may if erred involve penalty to the client who has reposed confidence in the Lawyer. It involves greater responsibility on the part of the Lawyer than any ordinary writer.

Business Advisory

Business priorities change in relation to various factors that include the socioeconomic environment and the age of the enterprise. While a start-up undertaking may prioritise funding and market entry, a more established undertaking will prioritise new market penetration, change management, innovation and corporate governance.

A business can always benefit from expert advice. An objective point of view can make all the difference.

Business advisory services tackle all aspects of business from managing finances, marketing your product or service better and more widely, embarking on research and development activities, to improving your operations.

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